Christmas is one season in a year wherein people in my country really look forward to. May they be rich or poor, there is that extra smile on everyones faces on christmas. As a matter of fact, 3 month before christmas (-ber month), Filipinos already start their count down to December 25. Everyone fills their houses and their surroundings with decorations: From christmas trees, colorful parols/lanterns, christmas lights and all sorts of decorations you can think of about christmas. There is also that christmas carols that you hear everywhere you go. And people tend to be extra generous this time of the year.

But one thing I like most about this season, is that you get to be reunited with people that have been part of your life.

From the people you loved in High School




Your College Friends


Your boyfriend


and to the people you love the most

(your family)


This people made me feel the true spirit of Christmas, which is LOVE.

Happy Birthday JESUS CHRIST.


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