Weekend in Marina Bay Sands

This is a sweet escape for me. After being torchured in school, I finally get to breathe again.

So, I’ve been in Singapore several times already. And this country amazes me everytime. Coming from a third world country, I really admire how they were able to make their country very rich with limited resources.

We decided to stay in Marina Bay Sands. Well because of my dad really wanted to have his photo taken in the pool above the boat of the building.


The architechture of this hotel is pretty amazing. And the view on the infinity pool was spectacular. This hotel has one of the best locations in the world.

Do you see the tini-tiny Merlion?

A concrete Jungle at my back


However, that is just it about it. A very expensive hotel for just a normal standard service. The hotel room was just like any other standard hotel.


And because of the hotel is composed of three towers. The queue to check in is very long. That goes the same when checking out.


The lobby looks like a big market place! Instead of a usual relaxing place to sit in.

I say it was a good experience to stay in this hotel. But I don’t think I would go back.
It is too expensive for the quality of service you are getting.


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